Metallic spiral vs Plastic spiral

Metallic spiral vs Plastic spiral

Metallic or plastic, the spiral in notebooks and notepads has several advantages for the consumer. However, even among spiral lovers, there are differences to consider when talking about metallic or plastic.

360º opening

One of the biggest advantages of the spiral is the possibility of opening the notebook or notepad at 360º. Thus, it becomes much easier to write on a single page, being that, in metallic as well as plastic, this feature is a common point.


When we talk about resistance, we address the possibility of deformation of the spiral (for example, in relation to the impact of falls or pressure exerted on it). In this chapter, the plastic spiral has greater resistance, returning to its initial state thanks to its great flexibility. However, in the metallic spiral the conversation is different. In synthetic lines, this type of spiral deforms easily, both in packaging and in its constant use. Even if it does not deform, the metallic spiral may make it difficult to open 360º after some time, not allowing the sheet to pass completely through the spiral.

Spiral tip

The end of the spiral is a relevant feature when purchasing a notebook or notepad. In the case of the plastic spiral, it has a tip with no danger of pricking or injuring it, if it rotates upwards. The metallic spiral, on the other hand, has a more pointed tip, representing some risk of injury if it’s facing upwards.


The plastic spiral has the advantage of not rusting, maintaining the same conditions of use with the passage of time. With regard to the metallic spiral, it may rust with time and use, making it more difficult to handle the sheets in the future.


The metallic spiral has a greater limitation in the supply of colors, due to the material that composes it, while the plastic spiral allows greater diversity in this chapter.

Number of sheets

Thanks to the coil-lock (‘brake’ present at the top and bottom of the spiral), the metallic spiral has advantages over the plastic spiral, in that it allows a greater number of sheets in a notebook or notepad. In the case of plastic, there is the possibility that the sheets will come loose with time or use, since they do not have a coil-lock.


Both the metal spiral and the plastic spiral have advantages and disadvantages. It is, therefore, important to take into account the purpose of a notebook or notepad, when purchasing it, so that you can satisfy your needs.