About us

An unforgettable story.


More than 40 years ago, Pajory and Fegol were conceived, but separated at birth. Yet they were and always were, blood of the same blood. They followed different paths, but never disconnected.


Four decades later, Fegol realized that it was not complete without the creativity and contagious joy of Pajory, which for so many years has accustomed us to original products and addictive collections. That’s when the click took place. The click for a new stage, more competitive and productive.


We don’t want you to be sad, because it’s not the end of Pajory’s story. It’s just the beginning of a new journey, side by side, with just one name: FEGOL. Green has turned to orange, but the essence will never fade. On the contrary. It’s more alive than ever.


Now, we daily cook creativity, quality, originality and efficiency in the same cauldron. Our products are the perfect recipe for daily use in the school environment, the office or the comfort of your own home. Now, we are ready to walk together, in a beautiful story of complicity, respect and commitment.


Let’s make history together?